Abstract Painting

Abstract paintingThe term ‘abstract’ in painting, is a general description of art that is not directly representational.  An artist can move a small way towards the abstract by, for example, altering the shapes or colours of objects.  Or the whole way by allowing the painting to be entirely about the essence of the chosen subject, without regard to the physical appearance.

Within our abstract course, participants will learn the set of rules required for producing abstract art, by exploring creative and expressive qualities of line, colour, tone, texture, composition and collage.






Term dates

TERM 129 January - 30 March
TERM 22 April - 1 June
TERM 34 June - 10 August (runs over 10 weeks due to mid-year break: 2 July to 6 July)
TERM 413 August - 12 October
TERM 515 October - 14 December

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All the adult classes are $279 (including GST) for each 9 week term. Please note this does not include supplies.

Introductory gear packs are available for:

  • $130 for the Adult painting and ABC Painting classes kit
  • $85 for an Abstract kit
  • $80 for watercolours kit
  • $50 for drawing and ABC drawing kit