Painting Classes

Painting ClassesTaught in acrylics, and then progressing onto the use oils, tuition includes skills such as drawing, collage, colour mixing, painting techniques and textures.

Children in these classes can choose to learn these techniques by painting cartoons, animals, scenes, machines, people and flowers, or from anything thing else that interests them.

Tutored by Livia Dias and Rebecca Jellie

Term dates

TERM 129 January - 30 March
TERM 1 Holiday ProgrammeMonday 16 April - Thursday 28 April
TERM 230 April - 29 June
TERM 2 Holiday ProgrammeMonday 9 July - Thursday 19 July
TERM 323 July - 21 September
TERM 3 Holiday ProgrammeMonday 1 October - Thursday 11 October
TERM 415 October - 14 December

Enquiry Form

$209 (including GST) for the first 9 weeks of each school term.

Introductory gear packs available for:

  • $56 for children’s painting and drawing packs