Drawing and Cartoon Classes

Drawing and Cartoon Classes

Drawing and Cartoon ClassesWithin the drawing and cartoon course children will learn to:

  • See that all subject matter is made up of simplified geometric shapes.
  • Use a variety of drawing techniques – line, shading and texture to create the illusion of 3D.
  • Use a range of dry and wet media.
  • Simplify forms through distortion, humour or a storyline to create ‘cartoon’ like drawings.
  • Experiment with scale and placement on the page (composition).
  • Draw from a range (appropriate to age, skill and technique), photographic, real objects, and imagination.

Tutored by Cristina Silaghi and Leanne Addison.

Term dates

TERM 129 January - 30 March
TERM 1 Holiday ProgrammeMonday 16 April - Thursday 26 April
TERM 230 April - 29 June
TERM 2 Holiday ProgrammeMonday 10 July - Thursday 20 July
TERM 323 July - 21 September
TERM 3 Holiday ProgrammeMonday 1 October - Thursday 11 October
TERM 415 October - 14 December

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$209 (including GST) for the first 9 weeks of each school term.

Introductory gear packs available for:

  • $56 for children’s painting and drawing packs