Favorite painting style: Oils and Acrylics

As an experienced full-time artist and art tutor based in Christchurch, I love sharing my passion for art with others.

While my own compositions are grounded in surrealism, using mainly acrylics and mixed textures, my early background in commercial art continues through my commissioned work for anything from detailed portraits to menu boards. More recently I have spent an increasing amount of time teaching people of all ages and abilities to express themselves through art. I love sharing the creative process and never get tired of showing students how quickly they can discover the artist within.

My love for art started as a young girl when I found that crayons looked great on walls, and it continues to this day as I experiment with form, texture, colour and symbols on any surface that inspires me. Music and dreams are my constant companions and my continual inspiration and I am rarely found in my studio without notes in the background. Looking back, my early years in commercial art taught me how graphics and illustrations could truly transform the page, and to this day detailed illustration forms the backbone of my art.

Since my family has “matured”, I have been able to pursue my passion as a full-time artist and art tutor, where every day brings a new learning, adding another colour to further enrich my palette.

Helping others express themselves through art provides me with great fulfillment as the energy and enthusiasm of students helps me stay open to new ideas and new interpretations. Teaching in a free-flowing style enables students to zero in on what inspires them, in an atmosphere of creativity, experimentation and fun.

To see more of Leanne Addison's art, visit www.leanneaddison.co.nz