Favorite painting style: Oils and Acrylics

New Zealand`s scenery, wild life, people, and her feelings and thoughts on spirituality and life are where she draws her inspiration to produce her beautiful artworks. Her recent works have an impressionist approach. As an Art tutor Livia explores other styles and brings them together making her artwork unique. Her main media are Oils and Acrylics.

Her passion for colour gives her work a strong visual impact, full of spontaneity and freedom. Her modern and vibrant works demonstrate her ability to use colour effectively.

Livia is also known for her Luminous Biphasic Paintings, which magically gives her work a different look during the day and night.

“My latest series of paintings is not meant to depict the reality but to show another way I can see this reality influenced by my experiences with Art and Colour”.

She has received several awards including an Honorable Mention Prize in the International Art Competition at National Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in Rome, Italy and a Third Place Award at Art Competition Petrobras in Brazil. Livia has also been featured in magazines and television programmes.

Livia has developed instructional videos teaching vital painting skills in clearly scaffold manner enriching the viewer’s ability in painting. These videos are a superb teaching resource for school art programmes. Her product line, which includes postcards, calendars and mugs have been extremely popular with all stock selling out in 2012.

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