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Once again we are approaching the time for a new student exhibition. This time I am delighted to present Tekla Kridle who shall grace our walls for August and September.
When: Saturday 10 August; 6:30pm
Where: here at the Art Metro; complimentary drinks available
As always, any purchases made at opening night get a 10% discount!

Tekla grew up in America’s Midwest during the heady and exciting early years of the United States Space Program. Utterly entranced by astronauts, cosmonauts, the first walk in space and race to the moon, she spent many childhood hours using food colouring to paint vivid planets, swirling nebulae and imaginary planetscapes, fervently believing in colourful and friendly worlds beyond Earth. A student of Astrophysics, she spent many hours at her University’s astronomical observatory studying the galaxy. Fifty years on, she traded food colouring for acrylics and began painting under the tutelage of Cristina Silaghi who encouraged her interest in fantasy art.

Tekla has published a story book to accompany her paintings which will be available at Art Metro and is excited this exhibit and publication of her book coincide with the 50-year anniversary of mankind’s first steps on the moon.

Book synopsis: An arty scientist takes an unexpected journey deep into the Universe on a meandering starway which travels faster than any spacecraft. Have you ever seen an astral staircase? Or a liquid methane waterslide? This perilous “trip” bears witness to the myriad sights beyond the Milky Way; unusual solar systems, signs of extraterrestrial life, celestial playgrounds and glimpses of the interstellar lifestyle. This is a lighthearted and wistful view of a vibrant and friendly Universe.
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