Welcome to Art Metro!

About me, Simon (Owner & Operator)

My name is Simon Walmisley. My wife Nadine and I have three awesome kids: Elora, Lucas and Kellen,  six chickens and one scaredy cat who enjoys stalking the chickens through the garden (but is way too timid to actually follow through)…

Up until 2012 I was a teacher but, when I heard through a friend and a Harcourts business agent, that Art Metro was for sale I knew it was an opportunity I just had to explore.  The students were so welcoming and friendly and I fell in love with the place almost immediately!

2013 was a roller-coaster ride as I came to grips with running a business, but one which was incredibly rewarding! I had to learn about art myself, so I could better support the amazing art tutors and the people who come here to learn every week. Getting to know tutors and 200 students, as-well as enabling them to develop their artistic passion and skill, was a real highlight!


Simon Art Metro

Today I look back and reflect on what an awesome journey it has been since 2013. The staff and the students have become like family and Art Metro has gone from strength to strength. We have 3 tutors working through the week and over 400 students spending time to discover that ‘creative something’ inside them!

People seem to be eternally searching for new exciting ways to fulfil their life and art really ticks that box. We see this as our students sign up for courses time and time again.

I am attending art classes myself and loving it. Trust me, if there is something inside of me which can be brought out on canvas without it looking too shabby…. then anyone can embrace it!

Students are used to people popping in to see what is going on and admiring their work, so please feel free to come and check us out! You will be amazed and inspired by the talent that the tutors have fostered in so many Cantabrians.




Art Metro’s teaching methods are designed to meet your individual specific learning needs. From beginners to professional artists, our students join us for different reasons:

  • People who have always wanted to have a go
  • Artists who enjoy being with like-minded people
  • People who haven’t painted since school
  • People with bare walls
  • Aspiring artists
  • Busy people who are after some tranquil time out
  • People seeking something creative to do
  • Professional artists looking to refine their skills

…and so many more! Read more about how it feels to to be in class here.


Our adult and children’s classes are individually taught in a group setting, over a nine week term,  and offer a variety of art tuition.

  • Adults have a variety of oil, acrylic, pastels and drawing and sketching classes to choose from. We also offer more advanced Adult courses in impressionist and abstract painting styles.
  • Children can take part in painting, drawing or cartoon classes during the term, and we also run school holiday programmes.


While the pure enjoyment of creating amazing artwork is certainly the focus at Art Metro, we also encourage our students to exhibit and sell their artwork.
To help foster this, we hold ‘Gallery 700’ exhibition weekends, where the public can purchase art pieces from Art Metro’s emerging artists, for under $700.

We also have our online gallery, where students artwork is able to be viewed for purchase.