Childrens Painting


Introductory gear packs available for:

  • $56 for children’s painting and drawing packs



Taught in acrylics, and then progressing onto the use of oils, tuition includes skills such as drawing, collage, colour mixing, painting techniques and textures.

Children in these classes can choose to learn these techniques by painting cartoons, animals, scenes, machines, people and flowers, or from anything thing else which interests them.

Examples of what you might create
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Adult Tuition

Learn the delicate techniques and stunning qualities that make this art style so unique. You will explore brushwork techniques, colour theory and composition.

Adult Tuition

Pastels not only give you the ability to master new techniques, but they give you a fun way to play around with a wide variety of colours.

Childrens Tuition
Holiday Art Classes

Our Christchurch school holiday art programme provides a chance children to try our school over a shorter timeframe. Contact us for more information.‍