Holiday Art Classes


Holiday programmes are $70 (including GST) for each 2 day programme, which includes all the gear/materials.



In our children’s school holiday art programme, children are able to choose from a range of painting and drawing subjects. Tutors assist each child individually to achieve results they can be proud of.

The holiday classes mainly run in 2-day programmes for a cost of $70 for any two day programme:

  • In week 1 Monday/Tuesday make programme 1 and Wednesday/Thursday make programme 2
  • In week 2 programmes 3 and 4 work the same way.

Children can therefore sign up for 2, 4, 6, or 8 days as required. For each 2 day programme children can choose to be in a drawing or a painting group.

With all art supplies provided, all your child needs to bring along is old clothes, a drink bottle…. and their excitement to paint or draw!

If there is a public holiday on one of these days, the two 2-day programmes combine into a single 3-day programme.

Please note – Art Metro holiday programmes only run after terms 1, 2 and 3. They do not run during the summer holiday break,  from mid-December to the end of January.

Examples of what you might create
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